martes, 10 de mayo de 2011


hi my name is william sierra, im from Maracaibo, I am a student of sixth trimester of informatic engineering. i love sports, especially watersports. I love wildlife and animals, i have 2 dogs and i want a horse.

in my free time I like to go out or chill out with my friends. i love to drive, and anything with an engine on earth (land, water, sky, doesn't matter where) its good for me, i really dont like the people Who doesn't like people.

my dream is to graduate and find a job in Canada. travel arround the world and Have many many cars jajajajaja.

what i want for this class, is to talk and Make Some New Friends.

last class, i make a new friend, Mervin Rodriguez, he is studying the fifth trimester of industral engineery, He is from Cabimas, His favorite subject is cience of the materials, He really doenst like animals, so doesn't have any pet.

he was a football player but was injured in the ankle and stopped playing. Now in his spare time likes to watch television or play videogames, Sometimes he practice sports like volleyball or basketball.

His dream, is to graduate, move to another country like Canada or netherland, and learn more in this english class.

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