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Final Project: The Peter's Show Podcast

The Peter’s Show.


Miguel: This is the new episode of the Peter’s Show. Today we have two guests and four interesting topics for discussing.

Topic 1: Introductions

Miguel and Liz: Hi I am Miguel and I am Liz.
Miguel: This show is about four students at URBE that want to spend a nice time practicing their English.
Miguel: So let’s start with Fabiola, Good morning Fabiola (Fabiola is from Caracas).
Fabiola: Good morning Miguel.
Liz: And I’ll introduce William. He is from Maracaibo.
William: Hi good morning Liz.
Miguel: Well William, what are you studying at URBE?
William: I study Informatics Engineering here at URBE, Miguel.
Liz: Oh, do you really like Math?
William: Yes, I really like it.
Miguel: What about you Fabiola?
Fabiola: I study Industrial Engenieering.
Liz: Guys what are your opinions about English?
William: I liked the English since I was a kid. I really love it!
Fabiola: I like it, but it is not easy for me.
Miguel: Well my friends we are going to let you with some music to your ears.

Topic 2: Technology.

Liz: Well there is something that we can’t to forget in everything that we do in our lives, the using of technology.
Miguel: Yes, that’s true. Just think living only one we week without electricity for example.
Liz: Let’s ask to our guests. What are your opinions about this topic?
William: I think that technology is very important in our lives, because it brings us simplicity and facilities to do all more easily.
Miguel: Fabiola, what about you? What do you think of the new trend of using smartphones for connecting to internet?
Fabiola: I think they are very useful, but they are too expensive for be carrying on all the time.
Liz: Yes I can’t believe the poor security that we have in our country. Let’s forget it and relax with some music.

Topic 3: Movies.

Miguel: Let’s talk about movies. William, what is your favorite movie?
William: Mu favorite movie is fast and furious.
Liz: It’s cool, I like it too. Fabiola, what is your favorite movie?
Fabiola: It’s Finding Nemo, because it’s interesting and cute.
Miguel: What movie do you recommend us?
William: I recommend you Miguel: Inception, it’s really nice that movie.
Fabiola: I recommend Harry Potter’s last movie.
Liz: What are your favorite actors?
Fabiola: I like Tom Hanks.
William: I really love Megan Fox.
Miguel: Let’s listening some music.

Topic 4: Vacations.

Liz: Our final topic is about vacations. Where are you going to go on vacations? I like this topic is interesting and cool. I would like to visit my family, but I’m going to work. Fabiola, where are you going to go on vacations?
Fabiola: I’m going to go to Caracas, and visit my family.
Miguel: That sounds great. I can’t wait the vacation’s arriving for resting of this hard trimester. William, what are you going to do on vacations?
William: Miguel, I think that I’m going to go to Margarita and spend some time on the beach or buy some new things.
Miguel: Well, this is it! I was a pleasure to talk with you. See you in a next edition of the Peter’s show.
Liz: It’s a pleasure to spend time with with ypu. See you… Goog bye.
Fabiola: Good bye every one.
William: Bye.


the video is about isabel, a girl who live alone in her house because she lost her family, and she only live thinking about the memories of her parents

one day, her roof came down, she looks to find why this happend and she find a pretty guy, then, xavier wake up and see her, he apologize about the incident, but he saw that the girl is all alone in her home, so he start to tell her the story of his flying machine
and how many times he crashed, then he invites her to come with him, but isabel run away because she dont want to leave her home, just before xavier leave the house, she run after him to be free of her past and fly to the future.

Paraphernalia from Sabrina Cotugno on Vimeo.


we only have one world

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hi people! well this is my second term presentation, i leave you the presentation and the record of my personal review of Inception,one of the greats movies of Christopher Nolan.

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hi again everyone! today we are gonna talk about podcast. What is a podcast? a podcast is a recording of a show or a class. it could be a monologue, or a dialogue about one particular topic. i found a page with a lot of podcast about many topics. On the end of the post is an example for you about a dialogue about the ways to give warnings and cautions.



hey you, well, yesterday i saw this video and i really like it and i want to shared with you. Its on the next link. it's a video about a ver funny cartoons, but what i really love it is the voices and the changes on it. enjoy it

you can see part 2 and part 3 too. the last one is the better ;)

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The Dark Knight

this dialogue is presented in the movie just before Batman beat up Joker, i like it very much 'cuz the jockers is always telling the people the same, but batman is always serious. Why so Serious? ahahaha

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I love technology, I love to be a day of any electronic device that comes on the market. I think that technology has a huge impact on our daily lives, making these easier and safer, begining with cell phones to make calls to anyone anywhere, to create security systems in cars or new medical devices that help our health.